The School District

by Travylleb
The School District
Enroll yourself in the center of conflict and chaos between two prep boarding high schools and a historic rivalry that binds them.
I don't know about you, but I am feeling 22... Yeah, I think I'm going to stop myself right there. Well for those who are wondering, yes I am posting a Game Dev update... on my birthday... on a Saturday night... cuz I'm broke. :'[

But today as a gift for me, mainly beneficial to all I am come bearing news in case you've not been following our discord.

Also for those who haven't heard, also got a new team member, in Turbo.

*Boxing Mini-league framework has begun,
*Character hairstyle designs completed
*City shops interior completed
*Minimap inplemented
*Smartphone inplemented
*Perol Academy School Interior completed
*Profile design improved
*National flags are created to be placed in your profile
*Character Creation applications are completed (login registrations)

Is this a social game or social and pvp aspects

I assume its going for the School RP feel
Social game with pvp aspects,