Hello Readers! Thanksgiving is coming up next week here in the United States, a great time to meet up with family to eat delicious food, or meet up with your BYOND family to play or make amazing games (Links to some off-site community pages are found at the end, click your preferred medium). Now let's see what developers around BYOND have served up these past few weeks.


Big changes have been underway to the BYOND icon editor! BYOND Developer Lummox JR has been working to eliminate the differentiation between the movie editor and bitmap editor, while also streamlining the interface and modernizing the zoom and customization features. Additionally, a new tiled editing mode has been created to allow for easier creation of seamless icons. And while a few weeks old, a preview of the icon editor has been shared over at Patreon, where he also covers the some of the challenges of cross-tile selection boxes and undoing complications.


Inutaishos recently had some unique publicity on a Brazilian radio channel, where he was able to talk a bit about Azusa: Online! The broadcast was almost certainly in Brazilian... So for us unable to understand anything but English, he went and wrote a whole bunch about the latest improvements to the game prior to their Steam release. Crafting machines to new equipment are covered, and the flagship feature is Trials, a way to manage traditionally admin-managed events without the admin part.

Kozuma3 posted a few weeks back that Elora currently has over 800 monsters and items, 300 crafting recipes, 50 pets, and twelve skills to train. Plans had been made to improve the interface, establish a stable Internet connection, and post further news, hopefully good. A week later Kozuma3 found out what the impact of an airbag feels like. Best of wishes to them in a speedy recovery.

Travylleb celebrated his twenty-second birthday by sharing the latest progress made in The School District! Petrol Academy and the local shopping mall has completed their interior remodeling projects, Boxing leagues are getting the logistics worked out, the application process has been approved, and the kids are walking around with smartphones... claiming they need a minimap to get to class.

Blasting away the darkness seems to be the latest work of Bravo1 in Dark Star. His latest demonstration shows the wide variety of amazing lighting effects emitted by firing the collection of weapons found within the game, with more on the way!

Universe 21 version 1.0.3 is now live and features the addition of several core combat systems. S10 Games fills in the details over on Patreon. Combat levels are ready to be obtained, Blast and beam type attacks are in, Melee and healing abilities are ready to use, and HUD bars are ready to display stats.

Spires of Agartha is showing its age... Not! The latest update adds a fake_age variable that allows players to roleplay and appear apart from their real age. A wide range of spells and skills have had their cooldown rates reevaluated, and mining ore no longer requires RP points. Keep up with all the community announcements over on their Discord Channel.

Allied Nations has made its way to the Steam platform! While the game is currently in Early Release mode, the game can still be played over on the hub page. And as the Steam launcher gets some attention, monsters have become slightly less aggressive upon creation, and a classical version of the interface is being developed for old dogs.

Crazah and Zete have been polishing up diamonds islands in the latest development log for Zenith's Call. Pushed by the ''floating island'' design of their beta test zone, the Nexus, the team has decided to use the same island concept throughout the game. Also found deeper within the post is a sketch-up of map progression in Chapter One and information on how players will soon be able to craft wares and sell their treasures.

Over in the Show Me What You Got thread, Flick has been putting his hexagonal tileset to work. Fog of war is in play, illumining the immediate area, noting the terrain of places explored, and obscuring the unknown. Menus are spinning out, and water smooths out the edges quite nicely.

Halloween was celebrated over in Ratt City with a midweek beta test of FEED. The aforementioned map is an accumulation of many previous maps found in FEED with a new progression path, and judging by the scoring tables, appears I adapted the least well to. Up next is the return of the vendors and faster map loading.

Godbless, Allied Nations development is piping along nicely. Be sure to check out the game.
So when is Byond going open source? Really taking your time.
In response to Jayz420maskoff
Jayz420maskoff wrote:
So when is Byond going open source? Really taking your time.

Generally speaking, when you have no plans to do something you will end up taking quite a while to get it done I'd think
In response to Jayz420maskoff
Jayz420maskoff wrote:
So when is Byond going open source? Really taking your time.

If you show your Github account you might get a direct answer.