Hello, I am trying to create a graphical representation or map of the available rooms in my MUD game. Does anyone have any experience with something like this?

I currently have a few rooms in the game and the player can enter them and see information about them, however it would be less confusing to navagate with some kind of map.

I tried using the built in map and some code to light up one of the rooms on the map when the room is entered but when I run the game the map doesn't even show up since the player logs into what is referred to as a room by the reference guide.

Thank you in advance.

I hosted the game to show you what I have so far and what I mean.
I tried to add the following code as a proc but I couldn't figure out how to call it when the player entered the room. I was trying to make a text based map since I can't figure out how to make one otherwise but even as verb it doesn't show up when clicked so I must have it wrong.

This appears to be a pretty labor intensive way to do it even if it did work so I am hoping there is a better way.

In the below code I check if the player is a room and then print a map to them so they can see where they are in relation to the other rooms. It doesn't work but maybe it will help show what I am looking for.

if(usr.loc == "Courtyard")
usr << "{C+} - {L}"
if(usr.loc == "Lounge")
usr << " {K}"
usr << " |"
usr << "{C}-{L+}"
if(usr.loc == "Kitchen")
usr << "{K+}"
usr << " |"
usr << "{L}"