So, we had some trouble with a small group of racists on a game, The game was being hosted on a Shell server & made it impossible to ban the guys when they did something wrong (They even managed to brute force hack into some accounts & steal personal information off people, even getting one of the admins home phone number)

Unfortunately this has killed the desire to play the game (or its similars) because it'll just get hacked, information will get leaked again, or just a massive amount of DDOS's.

Unfortunately we know that Byond cannot do anything against these guys, since making a free account is so quick & easy that theres no real point. I was wondering if there is ever going to be an update to the banning system at all, because currently our only option is to use Daemon to sticky ban the problem players, or white list our game. Which we're afraid either way will have results that'll worsen the experience for everyone.