Event Nov 19 2018, 10:00 pm
to Dec 18 2018, 9:59 pm
"I am the GM"
"Office Politics"
"Sports betting"
"Digital pets"

Rules rundown:
Must incorporate one or more of the themes.
Must be a multiplayer (local or internet) byond game.
Can't already be a published game. Must be a new game created specifically for this contest but it can use libraries and etc
No specific genre.
Not required to be open source
No fan games.
Must be playable, have a win condition.
Only latest version of submission will be considered.
Multiple unique entries are allowed.
One person can win it all.
I am the only judge and winners will be based solely on my own personal opinion.
Running from today Nov. 20th - Dec. 18th 11:59pm CST

1st - $30 USD
2nd - $20 USD
3rd - $10 USD
(or byond membership equivalents. Up to winner and my discretion)

Send to [email protected]:
Game hub (if applicable)
The executable to be judged
Short description and theme(s) chosen.

Feel free to post your entry under this post as well just so everyone knows of your participation including me.

Any other questions I will try to compile here.
If you announce a contest in a post... is it fair to start the contest the day of your post? You should give a couple of days for people to see it. With an extended weekend starting Thursday, it's a great opportunity for plenty to take part. Just a suggestion...
Well I initially wanted a shorter deadline but I believe the overall amount of time given should be sufficient. This was a bit spur of the moment for me but I will definitely keep that in mind for future contests.
Add more themes
In response to YURIRAMOS
I think it's a bit late in the game for new themes this time around. We'll see what comes in by the deadline (nothing yet!) and go from there for subsequent contests. Feel free to throw some theme ideas out there though.
I will take up this challenge not for the money, but for the unique shenanigans that are guaranteed to occur while trying to fit all four themes into one game. Onward to the eleven day journey.
Not a single entry received... Maybe next time. *shrug
Getting the game finished by the deadline proved too challenging for me, but I will still release the game your contest has inspired me to create. Hopefully it will do justice to the spirit behind your gesture. I believe having more contests of any kind would be wonderful for this community. Thank you for putting it out there
Great. I look forward to playing it.