Trying to talk with Lummox again, pager nor discord PMs are working :S

Our last convo disappeared in the pager logs; so, well I need to talk with you with a certain urgency;
Answer my pagers or accept me in discord please? :D
up ;)
up :D
have you tried the discord?
You may have better luck asking your question here now rather than waiting for a response to a vague summoning.
it works, the details are already sent in his pager, toward discord, his discord doesn't receive stranger dms :'(
its some question related to proxy stuffs of steam players not being able to register, so I think it should be talked with him
up T.T
lummox add me at discord it would be way easier to comunicate .-.
It seems Lummox is tough to get a hold of lately, considering I've had people ask me how to get a hold of him. I've redirected them to Discord, BYOND Pager, and even Contact Us; however, I've been contacted again by the same people days later to let me know he hasn't responded. I don't know if he's busy, doesn't care, or a mixture of both, but it'd be great if he responded to the users even if the response isn't what they would want to hear.
The forums are the structured way to contact him. I'd again recommend posting your question here so that he can answer.

A private message isn't going to always get through if he isn't checking them. He checks the forums.
up again cuz super important subject popped in