Calling all Stargate Fans.

Many years ago, a developer known as DATA Android created a game called Stargate Online, it was later handed over to Yurgeta to be developed into a full fledged game, but as we all know, Yurgeta (Destined.To.Suffer) has since dropped off the internet entirely leaving Stargate Online up in the air.

I have now decided to bring back SGO and have made many improvements upon the source code, But as I am just one person, working for free. The updates may become scattered.

If anyoene is interested in joining the new SGO Team, let me know!

But until then, Stargate Online is back!

Come and join us over at :
Yurgeta actually started it, Data came quite a while later. There's been a log of people who have worked on SGO, but Yurg was always the creator.