Hello Readers! It would seem that the holiday season is now well underway. The Christmas tree is up and holiday gifts were shipped today. Thanksgiving has come and gone, so let's see what developers around BYOND have going on.

Mecha Destroyer JD has recently kicked off a BYOND Multiplayer Game Development contest! Rules are up and themes are ready to be interpreted. Sixty dollars are up for grabs, distributed among the top three entries, and with multiple entries permissible per participant, skilled developers can nab more than one spot before the contest concludes a week before Christmas!


The latest beta version of BYOND contains the greatly improved icon editor that BYOND developer Lummox JR has been slaving over the last several weeks. While some of the work happened behind-the-scenes, the most prevalent change is the combination of the single icon editor and the movie editor, which now is all under the same interface! It also contains features for positioning screen elements, practical zooms, pallet color importing, multi-frame modifications, and a whole host of other improvements. Pending a few release bugs and fixes, next up on the list is to improve the icon gallery screen and sprite sheet importing.


The medical profession has made its way into the RP world of Spires of Agartha, for those with a healing background. Permanent injuries can be now managed, and minor damage can be cured. But while advancements in curing damage has taken place, so has advancements in preventing damage, with blacksmiths now able to create armor that is lighter and more protective. And an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, yeah?

Allied Nations has seen many bug fixes over the Thanksgiving holiday, and enemies in the RTS have become much better at tracking down victims. In addition to the new classical interface option, more than one-hundred bugs received the boot, ranging anywhere from taking items from caged prisoners to correcting job management features.

Taint_thewizard released a short demo of Rune, a branch of Avalon, his other RPG in development. Presently there isn't much to do except eliminate the pesky slimes, talk with Victor, and enjoy the scenery and sounds.

Crazah has created a new character in Zenith's Call, a necromancer. Follow the video into the adventure's first battle, taking note of the effects, scenery, and sounds along the way. Interested in more videos? Pop into their Discord channel for the initial storyline.

Don't be fooled by the unresponsive drift of the latest enemy found in Bravo1's Dark Star, as any little disturbance or stray bullet is enough to send them into Dementor mode. Elsewhere aboard Idaho station, a floating bouncy ball monstrosity is emitting globs of purple gunk on impact.

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  • Got a player you wish would hush up for a while? Yeah, that player. Spevacus offers a solution to mute users for a set period of time.

This new icon update causes Dream Maker to crash from the simplest things.
In response to Kwijiboe
The known issues in 512.1456 have fixes pending in 512.1457, so that won't be a problem for long.
No contest mention? :'(
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Mecha Destroyer JD wrote:
No contest mention? :'(

Dang, I dropped the ball on this. Deeply sorry. I've edited the column above with a write up and link to your development contest. Thanks for running the contest!
Heh thanks. I'm anxious to have some more byond games to play so I'm glad to do it!
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Mecha Destroyer JD wrote:
Heh thanks. I'm anxious to have some more byond games to play so I'm glad to do it!

Has anyone actually committed to the contest?
Not so far. The money is burning a hole in my pocket as we speak. :(