Since a byond language is based on a javascript and a c++, from what I know. Javascript is a multi-platforming language, so is it possible that byond may be usable on mobiles?

I know byond is multi-platforming because of the download page, but I'm not sure why it's not on mobiles yet. Tons of people make fine pixel RPG for the mobiles, in both app store and play market. So I really don't understand why not.

If you say macros won't be usable on the mobiles. Well, uhm have you played the mobile RPGs with a skills hot bar made like a circle? No? The macros could work the same though.

The only problem I see its that is based on IE.

I still kinda study programming, so I may need that info if I even want to make a game here. But its also a wish of a gamer that byond would be able to go on mobiles.

Anyway sorry for my grammar, English is not my native language. Sorry if its off topic question, first time using a forum.
The webclient is javascript-based, but the language itself is based more on C/C++ than anything (the languages Dan and Tom were using when they designed the language), but flavors from other languages have worked their way in over the years.

You can technically develop BYOND games specifically for mobile use right now if you keep things fairly light-weight and design things 100% for web-client use.
That's sounds great that I can develop mobile games on this platform. Thanks for answering. Also byond heavily based on C++ and C? That's kinda good news cause in my college I learning that.