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var/welcome = "welcome to this game"
winset(src, "Login2.Info", "text=[welcome]");

Problem description:
I tried setting a label's text with the above codes, and it seems like its going through except, it doesn't show the full message, just the first word.

I tried inputing the message manually without a var containing the message to and still the same end result. I quite sure I did not used to have the issue, but does anyone have any idea what's going on?
Best response

The space without quotation marks of some kind surrounding the value will cause it to prematurely terminate.
OH, I see. I do remember having a similar issue with another interface based problem awhile back too. Completely forgot.

Thank You!
In response to Nadrew
winset(M,"MissionLog.missionexample","image='Pixel Art/Items/MissionEx Weeds.dmi'")

I am also trying to set a label's image through codes, but its not working. What am I doing wrong?