I bought credit for "Tiny Shell" =

but the thing is, they aren't updated in byond. and each time i try to actually host there a game which requires 512 version, its says that "tiny shell isn't updated." basicly, what am i suppose to do? i was wondering if byond could update it?

This is what it says:
"Error: server is out of date (world compiled for at least version 512). You are running version 511. Please download the new version from

BYOND Error: world file from newer version is incompatible with this server"
You'd have to contact the host to update, BYOND doesn't manage that service itself.

As such, I've moved this to BYOND Help, as it's not a bug.
I don't think he is active.
Not really much that can be done then, only the server owner is able to update BYOND in those cases.