So for the past few years I've played on /tg/station Bagil and Sybil without issue, but yesterday, I suddenly get "access denied" every time I try to connect. Restarting my PC, internet, BYOND, reinstalling BYOND, clearing cache, updating BYOND, everything I've tried to do has come up with no dice. Weirdly, I can still connect to the EU /tg/station server (which I'd never played on before this issue) and other servers without issue. The admins and the host, however, have tried everything from updating the game to having me check my packets and try a different connecting URL, but the issue comes up every time. They've said it's likely a BYOND issue, which is what I'm posting here for.

I'm using Windows 7 with a wired connection and the most recent beta version of BYOND at the moment. I'm not banned from the servers I'm trying to connect to, as Admins and the host have confirmed. Do you guys have any idea what the problem could be?
Sounds like you're sticky banned. Do you share account information?
Nope, never have. Plus, I believe if I were banned, I wouldn't be able to connect to /tg/station Terry since it's a part of the other two servers' community and (i assume) global banlist. The Admins and even the host confirmed that I haven't been banned, on top of that.
So far I have not found any log entries to suggest /tg/station13 servers are rejecting the connecting.

We can't figure out why they can't connect to sybil or bagil.

MSO sent me one of the ban lists and based on the alts of yours that I can see in our login data, I don't see how you could be getting caught in a sticky ban. If you sent me a list (you can do so via the pager) of all your other accounts, maybe I'll see one I missed that would fill in the blanks.

I see no evidence of a BYOND ban, plus you said you can reach other servers. Your alts (again, just what I see) appear to be in a rather closed loop suggesting no sharing of login info with other users--which is smart, and I wish everyone would be like that. From everything I'm seeing so far, there doesn't appear to be a hub-based cause for your ban, including sticky ban matches.
I'm at a loss.
Have you tried recently? I did a thing to bagil that might have fixed it.
Same issue unfortunately
Join our discord and pm me directly on there. I want to be able to watch our logs while you join as well try and test some things, so I need an easy way to coordinate with you in realtime.
Anyone ever find a fix to this?
I have a player trying to get on my server and he is sticky banned for no reason. not in my bans, not in my nasty IP filter or any of that
Still haven't found a fix on our end either, sadly.
bug report up
Could it be that someone sticky banned is using a recycled address and so it's getting passed around while Karma smacks Lummox in the face?

Banning someone from your bias child moderated forums sure. But trying to ban them from games in your engine says a lot about you, and this post right here *licks fingers* is bitter sweet.