Hello Readers! This is the last Within BYOND scheduled for release before the Christmas Holiday, so Merry Christmas! Being that the next release date for this column falls the day after the holiday, I'm going to anticipate that I'll be busy, so the new release date for Within BYOND #105 is set for December 27th.

Mecha Destroyer JD's BYOND Multiplayer development challenge is 3/4th of the way to completion with all entries due on the 18th of December! Four awesome topics are ready to be transformed into games, and sixty dollars are available for the top three places, and if you haven't got to work on your entry yet, just consider it a game in a week (or whatever amount of time is currently remaining) and chances are you'll have the opportunity to invest about as much time into your submission as any other participants. Good luck!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR is making motions to bring BYOND 512 to a stable release before Saint Nick arrives. With the icon editor improvements out and under public review, focus can shift to wrapping up bug reports, cleaning house, stocking-stuffing new features for 513, like UTF-8 support and maptext upgrades, and double-checking the list of tentative features over at Pateron (and proposing new ones!). If capitalism (or preference) directs you to use competitors, BYOND can now be found at SubscribeStar as well!


Banks are closed for the holidays forever in Falacy's Paradise City! Turns out that home sales have decreased during the perpetual zombie apocalypse :/ . At any rate, with outdated bank bureaucracy out of the way, more than 16 million gold can be possessed, gun triggers are more responsive, shooters gift experience to everyone in view, and multiple abilities no longer auto-fire uncontrollably.

Kumorii has decked the halls of Feed in the spirit of the Christmas Season! Snow has fallen on the monstrous apocalypse, but the beasts remain as vicious as ever. Lights have also been hung around the buildings and shrubs. Just imagine all of the wire untangling that was necessary (and Kumorii mentioned that version 2.2.x will be soon released, but the current hub version is 2.3.5... so some wires may still be crossed.)

Godsring is keeping up on Allied Nations as he recovers from some winter bugs. Dragons and Spiders can now dream of sugar-plums automatically, and so will other exhausted creatures. Efficiency gains promote longer gaming sessions with lower CPU usage, resource requirement notations help builders, and user interface improvements land the RTS on the nice list.

The three worlds of Universe 21 are celebrating with the newest development post by S10 Games. Keyboard and controller bindings for combos and skills are in, NPCs have been given a way to tell users their good tidings, and received goods are able to be dismantled.

On the first day of December, Wanabe gave to me, an update log of Biocrisis 1.46! That update features a new experimental weapon for resting the undead, and modifications to several others. Snow is in the frosty forecast for the Alpine map, new difficulties have been added, the black-market has received some holiday doorbusters, free-items events may be a bit more generous than normal, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Woops, the hub version should be 2.1.3! My apologies. (: