Do you want somewhere fresh and inviting to share your BYOND game?
Maybe just want other BYONDers to get help or feedback from?

Well check out Dream Makers Discord!

DM Discord
provides a supportive community for BYONDers of all background (anime games welcomed!) to share their progress and games for feedback and exposure or simply get code/debugging assistance from other experienced BYOND Developers! Don't need help but feel like helping? Join our Help Squad!

Even if all you want to do is advertise your game somewhere where it might be seen; we have you covered! Our goal is to provide a positive community that will not only help the developers strive and grow, but also BYOND by extension! BYOND can't grow if we don't encourage and motivate developers, after all!

But what about the existing server?

Well, I think most of us already know how much of a dumpster fire the other BYOND Discord is, so we're aiming to provide a much more supportive and less toxic environment that doesn't have to pretend to be interested in helping developers - we genuinely want to see you and BYOND at large thrive and grow! Sound good? Then what are you waiting for?!

In response to Popisfizzy
I mean, pretty much. lol
Isn't there an official one already?
In response to Viper
Viper wrote:
Isn't there an official one already?

The 'official' one can only be accessed by Patreon donors apparently. If you're referring to the other public one that's been around, i think you'll find a pretty substantial difference in community atmosphere and setup. I'll leave that decision up to your individual discretion though!

Dream Makers Discord is more focused on being supportive and providing a place for developers to get exposure and proper feedback from peers. Advertising your games (fan games welcomed) is welcomed and encouraged, also.
We've officially passed 50 members since opening!

To celebrate we will be launching a contest for developers later tonight for a cash prize! Join and see what you're missing! We're supportive and development-focused and would LOVE to see your games advertised with us - what do you have to lose?