I'm trying to get some advice, but this does not work for me, I donít know how to contact the administration of the band or who can help me with my question.
I have a second account which I do not remember when I registered, and at the moment it is inactive, I have the opportunity to recover the password and start using it, but can I delete it, or better yet change its ckey (nickname)?
In general, is it possible to change the nickname on the profile? For example, change it to this (mostly)? Maybe this opportunity comes with the acquisition of "Byond Member"? Thanks in advance for the answer
It's not possible to alter your account's name or delete it.
I will say the option to delete an account would be fantastic.
We've never really allowed it due to things like old subscriptions and in-game powers associated with accounts.
In response to Kumorii won't this delete the account?
No, that will deactivate it. Which essentially just hides the account details from the public until you reactivate it.