Shinobi Online

by Kidpaddle45
Shinobi Online
The game you've been waiting for ...
I want to run a closed beta to test out the game. I've been developing the game on my own at a consistent pace. If there is anyone willing to help test it please contact me here with your Skype information. Thank you
Tried to get in touch with you about this a while back but it was via discord.
hello i saw your post looking for beta testers and i have free time my skype is leronx2, but i am always on discord as leronx2#8532 . my email is [email protected]
what is your discord avid?
In response to Narakzi
Hmcant find it. mine is #6870
could I help out . My Discord is kwon#9302 Discord link. Join it guys
I think it's pretty cool that you've decided to keep developing the project despite the fact that kid paddle passed away.

Good luck man

Very interested to help test.

Skype info: [email protected]
Join the discord guys :D
It's not letting me in ma dude! :/ Says invite is invalid.

Daskylos#4101 is my username :) Sorry, here is an updated one
This looks nothing like the images.