Christmas is almost here! Hooray!

In spite of the risk of the Friday curse, with a couple of other issues discovered I decided to do one last release which will hopefully be the last of the year. The icon editor is looking solid now and everything should be well on track to get started on 513 in Januaray. Or, knowing me, probably a few things will go in a little early if the mood strikes.

As I predicted, this was the week for all the fixes. Most of those had to do with the icon editor, since that was the newest change and most of the other 512 stuff had shaken out already. But gads, 512 was in beta way too long. 513 will be a shorter beta cycle for sure, even though I plan to do a couple of ambitious things in it.

I want to extend my deepest thanks to everyone who's helped support BYOND through their Membership, donations, or on alternate channels like Patreon and (once they get things sorted) SubscribeStar. Your support is incredibly important, and it's only that that allows me to keep development going. If you run a game and a lot of your players aren't Members yet, please encourage them to join or to sign up on something like Patreon where they don't even have to think about it; they can just set up something recurring, even for as little as a buck, and it makes a difference.

Now with all that aside, it's time to turn our minds to the light things, like the wonderful holiday season. Today is my last official work day of the year, although I'll obviously be around and likely as not I'll play with some pre-513 stuff. After Christmas I intend to gorge on delicious cube steak sandwiches and popcorn, watch some movies, and overall just enjoy the season. Hopefully this New Year I won't get sick. If I were the resolution-making type, I'd resolve not to get sick.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone!
Also a big shout out to all of the developers who have nothing to give to BYOND but their time and effort.