One that also proves an e-mail address.

I don't know where to ask this anymore. I asked this every day on the Answers and AskReddit subreddits, but no one ever responds.

basically I just want to REALLY really join NeoGAF. I can't use my ISP email address, because my dad let me use his, but I think he deleted the neogaf activation email when he got it on accident (if I/he ever got it.)

and I also want to make a website about my upcoming hamster rivals game.

What is a good cheap website provider, that also proves an e-mail I address? I've been wanting to join NeoGAF for years.
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(google is your friend!)

And there is 1and1, BlueHost, etc.

Or 'roll your own' with a RaspberryPI 3, webserver software, email server, and a dynamic DNS name like or ... a little port-forwarding magic so that email and web requests go to that computer and voilá! your own website and email, hosted on your own computer, in your own home. :-)
For me hostgator is a good website provider
How about Wordpress?
Here you can read about it.