I had this long thing typed up at a library computer about where I've been, but while attempting to preview the post it got blocked as a pop-up, and the screen refreshed. I lost everything I typed.

To summarize, my sister had been hogging all of the bandwidth for a couple of days by uploading her stupid video files and I couldn't do much of anything online. I asked her to quit it; she said no. I asked how much longer; she said "not even close to halfway done" so I was expecting another 4 days like this. Turned out she lied and was really on her last video, which would've been done in an hour or so.

I reset the router on her, and in doing so permanently disconnected us from Eircom. It's easy to forget you don't have an internet connection when you're still connected to the internet.

2 more days to go, then we fly back to the United States (again). I'll probably be in my dad's house during Christmas. Look back to my previous post about that.

I also had a couple of ideas for what I thought would be fun journal entries but I FORGOT THEM!


In the meantime, I guess I'll have to use this for its intended purpose...

I know. It scares me too.
So that's where you've been. And here I've been thinking you got yourself kidnapped by Soccer Hooligans.

Guess your revenge on your sister backfired eh?
My Voodoo router worked.