Iím sure there have been many questions and answers regarding this topic. The concept of the WC of course, as we all must already know, opens byond to new possibilities and markets. BYOND has been a favorite of mine since Iíve joined the community 10 years ago (blah blah skip down if you donít want to read). Iíve enjoyed the original content, the rips, the games before Minecraft came in and ripped them. I know there have been suggestions of a mobile app that for now has been considered, date I say the word, not feasible. So Iíve chosen to express my thoughts/ideas and maybe even some useful suggestions that may help us in the long run. Feel free to post links regarding Updates on the Web-Client so that we can view them ( I could not find them) and links to existing deep discussions about the matter.

Create a Mobile BYOND

This doesnít necessarily mean we have to create an app, just make improvements on the web client to support a mobile view of the client. Encourage Developers to create mobile friendly games by integrating UI/Skins to include an optional directional pad within their game. Just by enabling this setting, I can view the game from my phone and use a built in hot key to play the game. If possible this could be built into the byond client for faster integration.

Campaign a Mobile BYOND

This will be a collective effort by the community to promote this feature to inactive members, current members and prospective mobile users. Imagine playing some of our best creations in the palm of your hand... people like that sort of thing these days. By reaching out to various forum communities and influencers, I believe this can be accomplished.

Incentivize BYOND Memberships in Games

Developers should try their best to create packages/crates exclusive to BYOND Members while also utilizing the opportunity to create fair subscriptions. Reinvest the revenue to further development or develop better BYOND games.

The Future of BYOND rest in the community not just its developers. We must do our best to support each other and the free blessing that was given to us.