Okay, so this is really starting to annoy me...This problem started yesterday, and I had hoped that shutting my comp down would fix it, but it hasn't. I double click on the shortcut. The little black box that has the logo in it shows up, saying it's retrieving games, or whatever. Then, the box goes away, and the window appears to be minimized, as it's not visible on the desktop. When I click it on the taskbar, it doesn't maximize though. Using Task manager, I can manage to force it to maximize BYOND, but if I do that, the window is unresponsive, and I force the task to end anyways.
Even editing the registry didn't help.
What OS are you running?
Downloading an old version and updating from that has fixed the problem for now. For anyone in the future who is running Windows 10 and having this problem, download a version at least 2 behind the current version of BYOND
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im failing to understand what you're suggesting i have windows 10 and it seems to not open and just stays in the background and is show in my taskbar. do i download 2 Versions of Byond?