My name is Bleachin.
You see, i told what i needed help with on the title.
I hope we find the solution, even though BYOND has nearly 1000 or more players, i still find it very good.

So, this is how it started:
Nearly the start of the year, i started playing this game with my new computer.
It was just perfect, and a half year later i found out my computer has full with viruses that we're making up..well...some games going to 0xc0000005 error.
The good thing is that i actually downloaded a anti-virus without any problem, and then cleared my computer in a full scan.

...But the problem is that, i don't know why, but after, much things just like DLLs disappeared from my computer, except the ones that was there when i got my computer.

And then, this problem started.
Black boxes on the screen.
No game worked.

Please help me with this issue, i really need a solution.
Sounds like your antivirus was way too enthusiastic and picked up things it shouldn't have. You should definitely reinstall BYOND at a minimum.
The problem is...I already reinstalled BYOND a ton of times.
Do you mean i got to deactivate the anti virus for a time?
Oh well, that did work.
Thank you, anyways!