hey if this is the wrong area for this question but dammit everytime I download one I always get errors I didn't mess with the code or anything

this is what I got from step byond

loading Step BYOND.dme
loading interface.dmf throw: invalid proc definition : invalid proc definition Move: undefined type: Move Move: undefined type: Move color: duplicate definition (conflicts with built-in variable) : empty type name (indentation error?) usr.wielded: undefined var usr.icon_state: undefined var : empty type name (indentation error?) remains.Move: undefined type: remains.Move o.Move: undefined type: o.Move O.Move: undefined type: O.Move Move: undefined type: Move Move: undefined type: Move
Step BYOND.dmb - 14 errors, 0 warnings (1/10/19 3:27 pm)
Since that demo was made almost 20 years ago, and last updated 7 years ago, keyword additions to the language since then have made certain identifiers unusable.

throw is a keyword. It can't be used as the name of anything, so things that used it have to be renamed.

color is a built-in variable of atoms, images, and appearances, which is why the demo's definition for color is giving a duplicate definition error. It'll need renaming too.

As for the other errors, I'd have to check the code. For now, just use something else that's more up to date.
alright I'll try that thanks for the response

Updated to fix those errors quite some time ago.

Maybe one of these days I'll go through and actually pretty up the code, but for now it's just the original with the errors resolved.
thank you ill deffintly use the fixed one ^-^ also one more question ive been following falacys code (sorry if I got his name wrong) but when a mob attacks me my game closes very confused and the DM says no errors

ive deleted the code, retyped it made sure caps are correct
ive deleted the icons and compiled tried it then re made them still fails

I assume its something wrong with the mobs using the attack verb but I don't know how to fix this at all lol
In response to Cronosoul
There's a very good chance the code probably deletes mobs when they get killed, which would close your game.
but I don't kill them its when they attack me for the first time I even increased my def to 100 in hopes to help but nope