Hello Readers! Those who frequently follow these posts will notice that Skype has been removed from the external community channels found at the bottom of the column. I don't believe that the Skype community exists any longer, so I've replaced it with the Dream Maker's Discord channel. I spliced together some new icons to differentiate the BYOND Discord from the DM Discord, but if someone with real graphic-crafting abilities wants to one-up them, have at it! But first, take a quick look at what developers around BYOND have been changing!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR is moving along faster than anticipated with the UTF-8 conversion, which will allow for non-English characters to display correctly within the next version of BYOND! The byondwin file has largely been updated in between flair-ups. And over at Patreon, The map has been orientated, and the journey so far can be read about.


Spires of Agartha is readying the plans of the newest content expansion. On the list is a brand new spell tree, a new fraction and race, purchasable properties, necromancy work, and more! Those interested in helping speed along development can purchase one of their fundraising bundles in return for some present and future in-game benefits.

Edit Nero recently created a hub page for Between Kingdoms, and is now launching a public combat test, which could be conducted as soon as today! A series of screen captures from his announcement covers the current classes available, ranging from physical attacks like archery and sword swinging to magical elements like fire and ice. Thirteen classes are available to choose from, but only nine are mentioned in the post, so you'll have to jump on the waiting list to find out the rest!

Godsring continues to make progress on the RTS Allied Nations! Fixes and optimizations have been rolling out like clockwork, with AI pathing seeing strides and the user interface becoming more responsive. Savefiles have been reset for the new year, so get ready to build your civilization!

Azusa RP Online is one step closer to their goal of launching though the world of Steam! You can now check out their marketing material on their Steam page, while the option to purchase the game there is not currently available... yet.

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I can't remember the last time anything "Within BYOND" peaked my interest... A real shame.
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Branks wrote:
I can't remember the last time anything "Within BYOND" peaked my interest... A real shame.

Fix the lagging that seems to occur in most games after a set period of time. It requires a relog to fix and I've heard that it may be the cache causing the issue. That'd be one of the biggest updates you guys could provide. Unless of course it is simply how the games have been created.
You're cool and thanks for making this update.
I always enjoy these.
These updates show someone, somewhere still cares.
Hey Higoten, you got the links to my libraries swapped.
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Whoops! Good catch - and has now been fixed.
Always like seeing these. Hopefully Dark Star will get featured in one again soon, I'm looking to pick back up work on it now that I've finished my Pathfinder campaign (sorry, DMing is a lot more work than it seems)!