Elora Online

by Kozuma3
A fantasty RPG MUD.
Update #1 - Current Version
Added in 23 Monsters
Added in 60 Pieces of Armor
Added in 106 Weapons
Added in 171 Crafting Recipes
Added in 16 Different Skills
Added in 10 Equipment Slots
Added in 12 Prayers
Added in 8 Food Types
Added in drop-tables for creatures defeated.
Crafting Recipes will show as long as you have 1 material needed.

Future Update - Todo List
Allow the ability to mine with a pickaxe in Hand
Add in Brewing - allowing you to craft potions!
Add in Enchanting - allowing you to enchant necklaces and rings!
Add in Familiars - allowing you to bring a creature into battle!
Add in Rings, Capes, & Necklaces
Update #2
Rebalanced Stats for Equipment
Some items now update depending on their stack-size.
Added in the majority of artwork for existing items.
Added in the majority of artwork for existing mechanics.
Added in Familiars, Enchanting, Farming, and Woodcutting skills.
Added in Gems, Amulets, and Rings.
Monsters now have larger drop-tables!