This week I was finally able to deal with some 512 issues that were lingering on my plate and put out a maintenance release. And I remembered to change the copyright date to 2019 on the very first try!

One of the items that was driving me nuts was that the ?. operator did not do proper type checking with procs--and when I fixed it, I discovered ?: was doing improper type checking on procs. So that was kind of annoying, because it was a hard one to suss out properly. The other issues I still had to deal with turned out to be in the client.

While that was going on, the Unicode project in 513 has pushed forward. I'm very happy to say that the first part of stage 2, as outlined on Patreon recently, has been completed and I've been working on some of the file stuff and testing needed to actually get anything running. This part is a painstaking one but it's been chugging along well. I'd like to hope I can get to stage 3 during next week, which will be the backend stuff like the language itself and the compiler.

A problem I still have to work out is how to handle old files and projects, so that's gonna be a puzzler for a bit. I think I'll talk about that more on today's Patreon update.

Guys, thanks so much for your support through BYOND Memberships, Patreon, etc. I know it's always harder when a long project is going on and there are no concrete results coming out for it, but I think this one's gonna be especially worth it. Once the Unicode stuff is out of the way, or mostly so, I'll try sneaking in some other features into 513 so we can get the beta rolling properly. I do not intend for this one to drag out like 512 did, so likely as not a bunch of features on my wish list will be seen in 514, 515, etc., but I know some simple stuff at least can get done sooner.

Keep warm, everyone! I know I'll try.