Mega Man X Versus

by Raenath
Mega Man X Versus
Battle others using your favorite characters from the Mega Man X universe!
Hello fellow Megafans, Nathan here with a quick little update.

The team has been working on several new features for the game, including score tracking, unlockable content, buffers used in battle that be purchased, and a shop system to tie it all together.

Since we're getting close to releasing our next playable character, Vile, we need to expand the interactivity of the game to include currencies (point models based on performance, i.e. earning kills). Once you take place in battle and earn your first kill, your name will appear on the Scores section of this hubpage. Once you rack up kills and other points, you can head to the Shop to spend them and unlock new things in the game.

Dev Cycle #9 ends tomorrow, from which point we'll start Dev Cycle #10 from the 20th until the 27th. In DC#10, work will begin on special game modes, such as Juggernaut and Capture the Flag modes! Stay tuned to this forum for future updates, or join our Discord to get updates on our progress as soon as we post them:

Thanks for reading.