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Development News: Dev-athon

We buckled down this weekend and pushed out a ton of content and fixes. It's about time I sat down and really crammed in all the things that the community has brought up, and what has been plaguing the alpha test for a long time. It has been a long 48 hours of hardcore, non-stop development. Among the content this patch brings is a full crafting release, gathering, refining, a snazzy new intro cinematic, and four new levels.

This is all part of our polishing pass as we near ever closer to our impending doom - oops, I mean release.

You can read all about it below in the patch notes below. As always, enjoy, and I hope to see you in-game. :)

Patch Notes:
Added crafting, professions include Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Tailor, Mining, Fishing, Cooking, Forestry
Crafting UI elements
Armor/weapon/tailor recipes
Added gathering for some of the aforementioned professions. You will find fishing spots near creeks, ore in caves, trees in the woods, meat, cooking and hunting ingredients from monsters.
Added refining for some of the professions. Ore for example can only be refined at a forge. Meat can only be cooked at a pot or stove.
Added item stacking for certain items. Long overdue, but now necessary due to crafting requirements
Several quests have been added in the area around Wakai Village.
The main story quest now begins straight after character creation
Added intro cinematic
Added a lite tutorial when user exits the newbie cottage for the first time
Shopkeepers no longer sell every item in the game. These must be created by players with the right crafting lvls.
Fixed an issue with scroll bars if the incremental change wasn't maxed.
Shortened animation when teleporting between maps
Added scroll bar to professions window
Added hover text tooltips to resource nodes. This is highlighting and displaying useful info
Added oak tree resource node
Enabled forestry profession
Added rusty hatchet as forestry gathering tool
Added 'focus' to hud elements to enable finer mouse scrolling.
Added item previews in Recipe/Resource menu.
Fixed a bug where zooming in was broken
Added jeweller profession
Fixed a bug with Oak Trees overlaying users info bars in combat
Fixed a bug where players inventory wasn't closing when other UI elements were opened
Changed crafting in bulk to take the resources as the item is crafted instead of at the start
Modified Cooked Monster Meat recipe to base success rate of 85% instead of 40%
Fixed a bug where the channel indicator was still saying "S" instead of "W" by default
Fixed a bug where skills were not applying their damage range correctly
Experimental fix to target client memory leaks. (removed animated filter effects on portal text, and teleporting player blur).
Fixed an issue where chat would cause CPU spikes
Fixed an issue where checking for most recent messages in chat would cause CPU spike.
Fixed several issues with monster movement. It should be more streamlined now.
Fixed an issue where several items were worth 0 gold.
Fixed several issues related to the chatbox.
You can now mousewheel to scroll in the chatbox.
Fixed a bug with monster drops, where it was using previous max inventory size of 24 to determine if your inventory was full.
Fixed a bug with quests that had a similar issue as above.
Fixed a bug where new characters would spawn in with the wrong display layer assigned to their characters.
Fixed a bug where black pants were off center in ui menus.
Added animations to forestry. Trees now fall over, shake, and drop leaves when cut.
Improved on demand sprite handling for items. This will speed up things like inventory, shops, etc
Improved text caching for large performance gains across the board when on-screen text is involved.
Fixed a bug where crafting recipes would demand more inventory space than required
Fixed a bug where cooking recipes were demanding a new stack of the item instead of stacking properly.
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