Mega Man X Versus

by Raenath
Mega Man X Versus
Battle others using your favorite characters from the Mega Man X universe!
The team has just wrapped up the last part of beta 2: Boosters. These in-game perks are purchased from the newly-added Shop and are used to gain an edge while battling others!

Sequence of Booster animations (in order: Impact, Medic, Octane)

The planned release for Beta 2 is on Febuary 15th 2019. You'll find many new goodies, such as attainable health drops from defeated opponents, a brand new Shop system that has an interactive GUI for unlocking new characters and boosters (more to come as always!), and score tracking that remembers your battle performance and rewards you for doing well!

Shop GUI

We've also slain several bugs and improved on the engine, bringing it closer to being polished than ever before. We think you'll really like the revamped beta and look forward to showing it off to you all.

Life recovery system (drops when players are KO'd)

As always, stay tuned to this forum for future updates, or join our Discord to get updates on our progress as soon as we post them:

Thanks for reading.
Same day as Jump Force release good luck! Looking clean though
Thanks Ganite!