Hello Readers! February is almost upon us, which means it's time for a special segment of Within BYOND, in where developers are given an opportunity to share their ''BYOND Vision'': Goals and plans for 2019 along with their reflections of the past year in 250 words or less. Selected visions will be put on display in Within BYOND #109 and may be submitted to before February 19th for approval. Now let's find what the eye can see around BYOND!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR continues to make progress towards multi-national character support in BYOND 513! He hopes to move into informing the back-end of the change to UTF-8 as soon as this week, after resolving some challenging issues in determining the correct character set to use while loading and saving files. Apart from that, the latest release of BYOND contains fixes for the null-safe access operators and a few graphical fixes.


Skill Trees have made an initial appearance in Bravo1's teasers for Darkstar. The current display is a prototyping proof-of-concept for the machine-gun proficiency, but more to come is expected and hinted at in his dialogue.

Kozuma3's Elora Online is now available for downloading and hosting, and features 24 monsters, over 180 crafting recipes, a slew of methods for obtaining raw materials, and going towards 100 pieces of equipment. The MUD style game doesn't stop there however, with familiars, prayers, and enchantments being added to boost combat abilities. Up next, brewing. Potions.

S10Games presented the newest Dev-log for Universe 21. Ships are ready to jump to hyper space, as travel between the three major inhabited worlds of the universe has been defined. Closer to the planets surface, an interface has been added to display which organizations presently control the outposts of each world, and a breakdown of the various races who inhabit these plants has been shared.

Development was kicked into high gear on the isometric RPG Zenith's Call this past weekend, with the development team tying up loose ends, polishing features, and pushing out a series of crafting trades. Crazah shares some of the specifics of the 48-hour dev-athon, with a new introduction cutscene, local shops no longer selling player-craftable items, and ways to gather basic materials for those professions.

Azusa Online now has an action-packed trailer, shared by Inutaishos. The movie clip features the involved and fierce roleplaying that happens in the multiplayer game, as the team prepares the game for a debut on Steam.

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  • Give your game a hand up with SoftLoq's Boost library, containing several of the former BYONDboost components, along with new features!
  • Woo has released Woo Engine! This All-in-one library contains everything needed for game development aside from a map. Currently Sidescrollers and Roleplaying games are supported.
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