Lands Of Legend

by Godsring
Lands Of Legend
An rpg full of life and wonder ready for you to explore or conquer?
We've got a server running, folks! It's got the HUGE Map, a few custom stuff, Magic, and all kinds of cool things!

Might not have much more in the works, but as it stands, it's quite playable!

We have a Discord Server, too, if you'd like to schedule events, meetings, or what-not. Feel free to join us at !

Finally, you can connect to the server by going to the Dream Seeker (after logging in, of course) and typing in: byond://

Hope to see the game flourish again! ^_^
In addition to this, I'd encourage you all to try sticking around, even if you're the only one there!

After all, groups in general have ALL started by ONE individual that decided to stick around and see what happens!
Bumpity bump! It's back up! ^_^
didnt you kill your last server off because you wanted to admin abuse
In response to Dogplantt
Nah, I pulled the plug because the people were getting out of control, and situation was getting out of hand. All I did was protect people from griefers, and they got butthurt about it, while the people being PROTECTED by the griefers got uncomfortable being around a powerful being.

Which made me feel as if THEY were planning on becoming griefers, themselves, which I absolutely hate with a passion.

I'm cool with war, bandits, pillagers (so long as the players BEING pillaged have a rightful chance to defend themselves or flee) and what-not, but my character was overpowered, yet he never got involved in PvP unless it was absolutely necessary.

TLDR: People were a bunch of idiots and hypocrites.

That being said, we plan on bringing it back again.

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