Problem description:Visual effects like fire, that are not only for visual purposes, but also do damage to players have become a bit of an issue. The fire is actually an object, I did that so it can have a variable of who started it, and how powerful it is. The problem is that it blocks any mobs in it from being clicked.

What I was thinking was maybe having the fire object not have an icon, but then use an image so players could click mobs under the visual effect. So far I haven't figured it out, I just seem to be having some brain fog or something. I'm not really too experienced with using images for this sort of thing. Another question is if there is a way to make the mob below the image be clicked, rather than the image

You can set the fire obj's mouse_opacity to 0 to make the mouse ignore it.
Thanks so much Kaiochao, I never set mouse_opacity, and didn't even realize thats what it did. Problem solved.