Applies to:Dream Daemon
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
Current state: DreamDaemon profiling can only be started once the world has started up.

Ideal state: DreamDaemon profiling can be turned on prior to starting the world.

Why: Starting up a world is time consuming. Maps are basically giant static initialization routines that create tons of objects. Being able to see if some expensive proc is being called in /New on some of the map objects would be really helpful for improving round start times.
Yeah, please make this change. It would be a tremendous help.
This would be a great addition
Please yes, and there's some other things I'd like to see with the profiler but I can make some other thread sometime, this at least should be quick and easy and extremely useful.
This would be amazing for profiling the world init.
Being able to get the profiling information in the Daemon itself as a proc call would be nice too.

Then we can just dump regular profiles to the server disk and review them later.