Soul Elysium

by Bustercannon
Soul Elysium
There are many variants of soul power. How will you forge yours?
Currently working on solidifying some RP structure for RP servers in the future, still working on the never ending task of balance and class perks so come try us out and let me know what you would like to see done!

Still operating mainly through the SE discord channel so come join us for all the up to date news!

The hub has been updated with relevant news as well.

Let me catch everyone up, Soul Elysium is in v16 now and has a lot you probably don't know about yet!

Consumables called Capsules that offer a wide array of quick-use abilities that range from support to self empowering can be triggered from the skill bar and can be crafted by a profession called Capsuleer. Capsuleers can also craft clothing items!

Yes we have professions now!

Hunters get a fishing rod and can catch fish and collect specific material drops from mobs that Capsuleers and Chefs need to create their items.

Chefs have an important job as the only class that can make food items, food items have long lasting effects of a wide variety for numerous situations. Chefs create food items at ovens when they have the needed ingredients. Refrigerators store food items for everyone, if I bought one from the store I can access it from a refrigerator!

This all wouldn't be complete without a market system, there's a market kiosk located in the alliance hubs that allow players to list items to sell and even buy items. You can sort the list by the options above and it doesn't matter if you're offline you'll get your money when you log in!

It's not a perfect system and it can always be improved upon, we're going to look at all of the classes individually here soon and give them each some tender care to make them relevant in this new age of BYOND PvP/RP.

The plan right now is to establish a controlled RP environment where RP is key to progression. With a passive mode to disable griefers RP servers will enable the player to focus on what they need to without distraction. A round-based RP fight scenario is being worked on as well as other key features such as injuring other players (even permanently!)

As for right now all we have for distribution are PvP server files as we get these key elements in order, you can access these files through the #announcements section of our discord if you wish to host your own server!

As BYOND gets better so do we all, Hitogoroshi and I strive to make the best of it! For all that don't know Hitogoroshi is now co-programming with me so with that help we can surely fix and add more than ever.

Sincerely yours.