Is anyone else excited for How to Train Your Dragon 3? Well that's not what this week's post title is about; what it's really about is how the tooth cap I had that was coming loose, finally came out all the way or broke off (I'm not sure which) last night, and the top two dentists I was looking at are both closed on Fridays.

Despite physical injury, BYOND marches on. I've been working on some 512 issues here and there, and I'd put out a release today but I'd still like to investigate a couple of issues that were reported. (Also, you know... Friday curse.) There's a fix in the wings for a problem in the icon editor, which will be good to clear off the pile.

Unicode stuff for 513 has driven me into the realm of more pager tests, and... ugh. I decided to modernize a couple of things, which caused a few styles to fall all out of whack and demanded I shift into CSS management for a while. I also discovered that the scrollbars were kind of a mess visually and had to fix that. Anyway I'll discuss that more on the Patreon post.

Technically I'm getting into stage 3 of the Unicode stuff already, the backend parts, where I have the server automatically doing conversions on old ANSI strings. I need to hook up some stuff like regex, lowertext(), etc. but that's getting there.

Also it's time to turn my attention to other parts of 513's feature list, especially some language items that will be quick. Near the top of my list though: getting some kind of client feedback for maptext dimensions and for whether a sound is playing on a channel.

Big shout-out to our Members and patrons and whatnot as always, who keep the lights on. You guys are the best.
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