Kingdoms of Seven

by X-ShinraTensei-X
Kingdoms of Seven
A roleplaying game, set in fantasy-medieval world.

Seven Kingdoms are in constant warfare, either by public wars, open rebellions, or sly and cunning backstabbing of rivals. With constant bickering amongthemselves, backstabbing politics or just open warfares.

The rulers of those lands have forgotten horrors and legends of old..

However the world is filled with many legends, tales and dangers of ancient threats that have their own cycles and every now and then threaten the existence of everyone.

With time for cycles to start once more, after thousand of years due to unknown reasons, will kingdoms unite to fight, or will they stand tall on their own?

Game Features:

-Explore various lands and areas that will grow every update! And find out story-lore behind each place!

-Professions: Blacksmith, Alchemist, Tailor and a lot more on the way! Sell your items or aid adventuring players!

-Dungeons and Monsters!: Aside of Roleplay there are various Dungeons, monsters and secrets for you to find, so level up..craft the gear, get stronger..and obtain powerful loots from scary bosses!

-And much more on the way!

Discord Server:


*Johan411 for his library on combat and A.I
*DU Public Release icons
*Daedron for his coding on character save files

Any other libraries who contributed to creation of the game and their authors.

-Important: Game uses art from various authors that is free for usage, non the less credit to all those who's game art is part of this game!