Zenith's Call

by Zete
Zenith's Call
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Development News: The Push for Beta

We've been hard at work tinkering away at all things related to Zenith's Call this month. There's now a level of polish that Zete and I are satisfied to lean back and start really turning our focus towards content. This week we've begun a full revamp of all our existing classes, which will include several new classes such as:

Novice: A beginner has to start somewhere. That is why this is the class that all players begin as. This class can promote to either:

The Squire: A front line focused fighter with defensive and offensive combat abilities. This class can promote to the Berserker.

The Scholar: A second line fighter that can wield a staff, sword or both. These fighters utilize long range spells to devastate their enemies. This class can promote into the Necromancer or Apostle.

The Ranger: A medium range fighter that has no problem getting in and out of combat. They use crossbows and traps to inflict damage on their enemies. This class can promote to the Sniper.

The Rogue: A lurky, shadowy class that can phase step through combat to inflict maximum amounts of damage on unsuspecting enemies. This class can promote into the Shadow Walker.

The Engineer: An ingenious combat engineer that revolves around buffs and strategic use of abilities in order to come out on top. This class can promote into the Pyromancer.

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