Hello Readers! Just a quick reminder that submissions for a special section in the next edition of Within BYOND, BYOND Visions, are due on February 26th (and yes, that is a week later than formerly announced :x) and may be sent to or to me via pager for approval, containing 250 words or less of your development-related reflections of 2018 and forward-looking goals for 2019! Don't forget an image!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR continues to make progress on BYOND 513. On the Unicode support project, Dream Maker and Dream Seeker elements are well on their way, although outputs are planned for a revisit. Dream Seeker also seen some improvements in how it handles extended turfs, netting some big gains under certain conditions. And the pager received a tune-up as well for Unicode support, along with a somewhat more modern feature-set. Don't get startled by the impending rounded-corner tabs (or by the difficulties of modernizing)!


Kumorii open-sourced the latest version of monster-shooter Feed (again!), as he begins a new chapter and new reiteration in the game's saga! The game is available for educational purposes and pieces may be used in your own projects, so long as credit is provided!

Congratulations to the development team of Azusa Online, who's game launched on the Steam platform at the beginning of this month! The roleplaying game seen a handful of fixes and additional features prelaunch, and a handful more postlaunch, like new forest animals, reductions in the difficulty of early game lands, and the immersion goes edge-to-edge in full-screen mode.

Bravo1 dropped a quick screen-capture covering how to open the doors throughout The Idaho. It looks like a few new pieces of artwork crept into Dark Star as well.

Flame Guardian too dropped a screen-capture of the latest happenings in Beware of the Weredude! Motion-blurs and new HUD elements are on display, along with some flame-tossing and strong drinks, to help the humans survive the Weredude until morning.

S10Games rounded up their entire year's worth of progress made on Universe 21 since the game was announced around this time last year, and summarized the highlights found in Alpha 1.0.7! He covers the default settings for the three inhabited planets, along with the current feature set and what to expect from the game in its present state. In more recent developments, all planets have Prime Bosses to defeat, all races have Prime essence and stages to obtain, and settlements are ready to be captured and overtaken.

Zenith's Call received a large performance boost with the latest version of BYOND, rendering certain areas much more effectively. The isometric RPG's developers have been hard at work too, with custom shops, banking, and generated dungeons with selectable difficulties, and progression challenges, inventory organization via click and drag, class progressions, and ghosts. Check in on their Trello board for up-to-date information on the team's journey.

X-ShinraTensei-X has announced the production of his newest venture, Kingdoms of Seven. He speaks of his inspiration for the fantasy conflict game, and sneak peaks of the game are on the way.

BYOND Resources

  • Legobumb has shared an inventory control library, which features drag-and-drop organization while taking advantage of modern BYOND features!
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