Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
Well here's a little update Log that i thought i should start.

  • Location displays apon entering Allios, Minoa, Wonderland.

  • Health and Mana regeneration.

  • Learn dagger throw/Fireball from class giver now.

  • You bleed if your health goes bellow 25%.

  • Wonderlands size slightly increased.

  • Sell button added to Armory.

  • Skills save to hot slots.

  • Health and Mana and hot slots re done with better animations.

  • Displays how much mana usage a skill is along side the skill.

  • Displays if the item is equipped next to it's name in invent.
Sweet >=D
interesting... dare I ask if you will be adding in the ability to forge/craft your own weapons and augment them any time soon?
Augmenting weapons is defiantly going to happen.

Forging weapons will not i'm afraid :O :)
Awesome job. Now are you going to make a way out of Wonderland? I actually found a way out on the bottom left going through the grass and getting killed by the red mantis.
You seriously need a way out of there without dying though.

Other than that, still epic. I got Lvl 130 in a day, so try making leveling a little slower when you level past, say 20.

Catching butterflies, where do they go? I point at the sharks, try to catch the fish, talked to everyone, got all the crates money, got warrior class, talked to all NPCs in class cave after getting the class, got all armor, pro and regular scanner, bought all things from store, slept at the inn more than 10 times, found the pirate hat, went to wonderland, got out of wonderland, got tea from the mad hatter, went to all areas, killed all types of enemies, killed red dragon, killed Mr. Poofy Pajama Pants version of Trolls, killed a troll with only sword slashes, same for dragons.

That is my epic list of medals to unlock, and yes I did accomplish that all in one day.
thanks iobject you can get out of wonderland if you say no to the mad hatter lol yeah i'll make it so you actually catch the butterflys
Make a RARE drop when you catch butterfly wings, I think the item should be massive butterfly wings that you can equip, or maybe it will turn your char into a butterfly
Well that's an interesting idea to say the least :P i'll think about it :O but my method would be more along the lines of.

You can catch Butterfly's you can sell them or give them to the mad hatter and he would make them into a potion for you which you can drink and turn into a butterfly.
When will we get to test the update?
Object, keep in mind you did that all with the Ultimate Sword, which is only supposed to be gotten when one is FAR into the story. xD
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No that was yesterday where I didn't have it. I had steel sword/Sheild and iron armor.

Today I got that stuff with the purple dildo yes, bbut not yesterday.
Can't wait for 0.7, got to be honest.

0.6 is very smooth compared to 0.5. Also I like the new hud and blood aswell as the insanely fast regeneration.

Also God sword has been introduced and from what teka tells me, 0.7 is going to be big!
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Teka123 wrote:
Forging weapons will not i'm afraid :O :)

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Iobject wrote:
Other than that, still epic. I got Lvl 130 in a day, so try making leveling a little slower when you level past, say 20.

How about after every 20 or 30 lvls, you gain less exp than usual? Like every 20 lvls you get x.8 the amount you currently get. So like Weak Ghosts normally give 30 exp right? If you multiply that by .8 you get 24. So at lvl 20 you would get 24 exp from Weak Ghosts. Then at lvl 40 you would multiply that 24 by .8 to get 19 (well, 19.2, but rounding down is 19). Then at 60, 15, then so on and so forth, rounding down as you go along. =)
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Good idea.

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Got iObject to say good idea. [sarcasm]Something he never says.[/sarcasm]

Level Cap? Damage Cap?
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Nobody wants to get the Level Cap in one day. Maybe we could use both, but level caps are stupid when you get to that level in the span of three hour training.