Omega - Freedom War

by Baellow3
An Original Turn-Based Action RPG
I wanted to create something Unique, something that is based on my all time favorite Turn-Based RPG's.

The game is Inspired by the series of Final Fantasy, Bravely Default, Grandia and Suikoden.

It is going to be a Singleplayer game, but up to 4Player Coop. So you can Fight with your friends against the Evil.

To the Battlesystem: It's inspired by FF: "The Overall system", by Grandia: "The Battle Timeline", by Bravely Default: "The Job-System", by Suikoden: "The Companion-System".

You can recruit alot of Companions over the World to help you to fight agains the Evil, also can you collect various Jobs to change the Way you fight, you can Equip every companion a Second Job to make the Battle even more complex and change the favor to your side and you can even level-up every Job to get more Skills/Passives.

The Video is a little older version, gonna make later a new one. Till 57sec's is the Main Menu, after that you'll see The Battle-System.

More comes later. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)