Kingdoms of Seven

by X-ShinraTensei-X
Kingdoms of Seven
A roleplaying game, set in fantasy-medieval world.

Swords are fine, but what about a bit of magic?

I wanted to cover some ground regarding magic here! World of Seven Kingdoms is mysterious indeed! I am sure you there any magic here?

I am more fan of a ...good forged sword and armor and bashing skeletons in the head.(What crafting system, i've said nothing!)

I' would not know much of magic here, but there are some rumours of Lord of Flames it is said there are secret worshippers of the Lord and his mysterious ways, of course not much is known of this entity. But there are some scary stories..of shadowy creatures being used for assasinations, and flaming swords seen used by those who are in service of this lord.

The worshippers are however not overly welcome, nor are the ordinary folks fond of do be careful if you intend to investigate about this...religious rubbish and perhaps even attempt to join weird cults. You never know when the town guards may randomly attack you on sight! Reputation(I know nothing of this reputation and alighment system you speak off..) can be a tricky thing.

P.S: Do join the discord server, we have a naughty bot who steals game data and reveals sneak peaks to public! Shame, shame...shame..