Kingdoms of Seven

by X-ShinraTensei-X
Kingdoms of Seven
A roleplaying game, set in fantasy-medieval world.

Roleplay is fine, but what if i want to kill monsters!

Alright, let us cover some ground here regarding KoS combat!

Now i am personally a huge fan of roleplay, but..i am aware its not everyones cup of tea. With that said..keep in mind this game is primarily made as a roleplaying game. But hey, i have no intention of stopping you..if you wish to find some secret caves, or kill monsters!

I believe that pretty much sums it up..but yes. Aside of RP aspect within KoS there is also PvE available, fear not! Weird creatures, secret lairs filled with riches and plenty of rewards are there!

I am going to break down here about the combat. I already stated that this is primarily RP game. But that does not mean i will exclude the PvE aspect out of it. However as i am focused more on RP content..i would like to keep PvE simple. So this is how it will go.

Your character has several stats that determinate its ability in PvE they are as follows:

  • HP
  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Defence
  • Expirience
  • Level

I believe the HP part is self explained..stands for your character health and how much damage you can take.

Attack stat determinates your character speed within combat. Now what is this for. Different weapon types have different effect on this. And that is direction that i am going at. For example, do not expect you to be swinging a mace at same speed as you would swing simple single handed sword. More heavy weapons make you slower, more light weapons..make you faster in attack, but do keep in mind..light weapons have less damage then heavy ones. will sacrafice speed for damage or damage for speed. Up to your choice.

Defence. Now defence stats determinate your defence...makes sense no? Players can craft various armors to enchance their defenses! Yes, there is crafting system!

Expirience has role in your character level. Wait what, we have levels! Why of course you do! However do be aware will not be able to randomly go around grinding monsters to gain higher level and be sir no. I intend to provide challenge in PvE part. What do i mean by that, i mean that..obtaining expirience is difficult. Monsters provide not as much as you would want. If you want to be good at this. Then you will work for it!

Level..each time a player levels up he gains a small buff to his HP stats. As simple as it goes!

That sums up the combat part of stats for players and what they do.

I will just grind, and in the end...i will be INVINCIBLE! I will ONE HIT MONSTERS! will NOT

Now it is important to also say this. I am sure that most people think that, on level based combat systems ..if you grind enough, and have good enough gear, you will be invincible! But no, i like to take a direction where such things will not be possible. Do keep in mind that PvE aspect in KoS will not be as easy. Different regions have different types of monsters, also..important thing to say is that..every monster has its own level, its own do expect challenges!

"Bah, i will just find dungeon and obtain godly equipment!"

Yes, about that...there are dungeons indeed, they contain nice equipment, and rare materials that are required to craft some gears..however do keep in mind that such things are OFTEN BIG...big...big...monsters. Or in one word..a BOSS.

"Matters not. I have full gear, and i am level 50."

Yes, well good luck with that. Dungeons are made to be raided in party and group of players, this is ONLY WAY. And rewards are split between players. And no i have no intention of changing this. If you dare to solo it, your funeral!

That's about it for now, i believe i covered enough stuff here regarding the combat. Of course you're free to ask any questions. And as always, do visit our discord! And join the community!