A few hours ago (around 5 AM) i could play Space Station 13 in BYOND with no problems. Though, there was a power shortage and my computer turned off without finishing the program (when i was playing, effectively making me force quit the game).

Now, 2 PM, i'm trying to enter ANY game (Rise of the Pirate, and Space Station 13) and i just receive closed connection from every server i try to play on.

I tried reinstalling, no results.
I've checked my firewall and BYOND is enabled in both Private and Public.
There is no antivirus
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate
I already cleared the cache
Any idea if that problem has been caused by the sudden shutdown of my computer? How do i solve that?
There is apparently a overall Byond Server Shutdown of some sort. I still see players playing, but a great amount aren't able to. No idea we just gotta wait
Does this problem persist when using another computer? How about on another IP?