Kingdoms of Seven

by X-ShinraTensei-X
Kingdoms of Seven
A roleplaying game, set in fantasy-medieval world.

"Dragon walking around, but no magic! I want spells!"

Now, now. Calm down, yes about that. It is true dragons are by themselves a rather magical creatures. After all breathing fire does sound somewhat like magic?

Magic in world of KoS is a difficult thing to come around. Does it exist? Answer is YES! After all, members of Lord of Flames cult are rumoured to weild flaming swords, now that has to be related!

Or they just poured oil over the sword and used a match, hard to say. Magic in KoS to say the least is...difficult and restrictive. I have nothing against it, yet i do not want to see everyone running around casting random spells.

Will there be spells, are there spells, can players obtain or use those? Answer to all these is YES. But magic in KoS is minimalistic and difficult to control, due to reasons for what reasons, why no one forbids you to visit local town library and dig in the books, yes. Thats right..visit a library and read books to find out more.

However magic is not for everyone, and just as there are consequences to sharp edge of a sword, there are consequences in this as well. So do think about it before your character decides to seek rumours of this, or try to find a way to use it. You never know when a random spell will set you a blaze and kill you. Magic is not for everyone.

Worry not however, we will cover more about magic and the system of how it works next time!

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