Hey folks, new to the Byond community, not sure how active this place is but I thought I'd showcase some art i'm working on.

As the title says I'm new to this so any feedback would be highly appreciated, and free tutorial resources to help my growth would'nt go amiss!

For ease of access I've just put averything onto one image so you have the start of my base and some basic turf.

A full week with no response, at least I know how active the community is now.
Pretty good start for being new to pixel art. It's hard to read the smaller dude due to it's size and shading. Might want to simplify things a bit. I know it's a pain to add so much details in such a tiny sprite. As for the grass, the random highlight spots seem weird. Maybe an increase of contrast might help out a bit. The taller dude seems a lot better. Maybe too linear. Unless that's what youre going with.
The grass for me looks like that the lightest shade u've used is meant to be flowers, the first base def needs less details. In general your turfs seem to be 64x64 pieces, usually we go for 32x32 ones (if that was not the case and u've actually got 4 versions of 32x32 turfs for variation then nvm what i said). You might want to join the unofficial byond discord, you'll def won't wait a week for a response there( )
The turfs actually look like 32x32, just repeated to show how they tile? I like them! Tall dude does seem like he needs a little chub in the belly area :)