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I am starting to try to learn to code on DM . I have a basic understanding of C# and c++ but for some reason i can't seem to understand DM. I learn best with video guides but it seems like most are either incomplete or doesn't explain what each bit of code does. Honestly am about to give up on DM not even the dm guide does a good way of explaining it. Would be nice if there was a guide like this for DM
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Get you some public sources and look them over. byond_duel_monsters_genesis/
Useing open sources like Zeta is the worst think he can do.

If you looking for DM video guides on yt, i think only Albro made one.

The truth is BYOND doesn't have a good guides on yt, a lot of tutorials on forum are outdated. I'm not saying every tutorials are useless or outdated, but for examle i don't saw any tutorial(i mean some demos with a lot of comments, except this in dm guide) showing how works filters. I think Moderators should make some cycle guides for begginers like Higoten's Within BYOND.

For more you should visit:

A little bit outdated but still helpfull:

If you have questions you can ask here on forum, or on one of Discord servers.
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Am not looking to copy code am looking to know the DM lang and what each bit of code does