Kingdoms of Seven

by X-ShinraTensei-X
Kingdoms of Seven
A roleplaying game, set in fantasy-medieval world.

Time for some news again! Wonderful i know. Wanted to cover area of world and player influence on it in this topic, for those who are not present on KoS discord server.Clickbait Link for Discord Server(Not noticable)

World of KoS should and will change based players progress, someone asked me how much do player have influence on the world itself, answer is a LOT. Why? Because if it can be done my way, i would want world of KoS to be ran by players in areas wherever it is possible. Aside of things that can not be and must not be run of course.

"You're talking in riddles! Give us examples!"

I know, i know. Trying not to ruin all the fun and give out too much spoilers.

However, here we an example. I am sure many roleplayers will be(merely presuming) focused on ruling, having fancy crowns and what not. However try not to focus soley on your own benefits, and ignore threats that are around.

I would not reveal much regarding what faction and places are vital for survival, however pay attention to the world around. Someone has to defend as much as someone has to rule. If players abandon defense of the realm..there will be consequences. And in the end, matters not who's skeleton sits on a throne and rules! (Dire indeed!)

Sometimes you will see minor, sometimes medium or big changes, per say...a random village that plays role in food on the market. Suddenly is ruined, wait that undead roaming around, ah too bad. I wonder how you will survive without food! (What eating system? No idea.)

Lets end the topic here however, i believe this is enough information for you to get a view on how things will be regarding your influence on the world!