First of all, hello.

Iíve been on byond for years, and Iíve always found myself dabbling in just about every byond game that had a ppayerbase. With that being said, I finally decided I wanted to create a game of my own. Something unlike the others. I have so many ideas swarming in my head. What I originally wanted to do was create a game primarily based around RP servers (with pvp servers as well, ideally. However that is unclear so far.) It would consist of classes (warrior, Mage, rogue, priest, etc.), crafting, currency, and a sandbox environment to create your own buildings. Not like Spires if Agartha, though. Itíd probably be a mix of DUís sandbox style, mixed with Agarthaís Combat and a crafting system of itís own. Also,

There is one problem. While I still have all of these thoughts in my head that I want to start sculpting a game out of, I have no idea where to start. I need somebody experienced, or at the very least knows their stuff on byond game creating that can point me in the right direction. Iíve looked up videos but only came up with ones from like 2005-09. And Iíve looked through the developers section of the website. While I found things like guides that could help guide me to create a better game later on, I still need help grasping the bare essentials of dream maker. If anybody could help me, Iíd really appreciate it. I have high hopes for getting started, just need a little help with the basics.

P.S. How much coding knowledge should I know before diving into something like this?
None, you should start now and tinker around until you have a basic understanding of the syntax and the built-in procs and variables