Hello Readers! Happy St Patrick's weekend and (hopefully) the final winter storm of the season. With the daylights change behind us, the nights are getting shorter and days are getting warmer. Let's check out what is brightening the way over in worlds BYOND!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR has moved to the dark side... of IDE development. As a result of that, Dream Maker will soon be seeing a dark color scheme option. He covers how the defection wasn't easy, and may soon bring about the possibility of custom themes. UTF-8 continues to be integrated into BYOND 513, with several text functions having been converted. Also outlined was a concept for grouping and manipulating planes, making way for shadowcasting and other effects. Maptext was visited as well, covering matters such as scrolling, cropping, and linking.


Engineers and Rangers have seen the focus of development in Zenith's Call, each gaining new skills, abilities, and weapons. Engineers that have done their research can complete a promotion quest as well. Traps can be set for patient hunters, and projectile weapons are in.

Kozuma3 took a screen-capture of the latest enhancements to their RPG Elora. Skills and their interfaces have been demonstrated, gold can be split, towns can be visited, and wares can be purchased.

Descending down the rabbit hole, Magicsofa has shared Ovum, the post-apocalyptic puzzle game he had mentioned in his BYOND vision last month! Bust apart anything remaining in your downward spiral towards the call that piques your curiosity, limited only by your ability to grow in open spaces surrounded by five-or-less plants. She is waiting...

Developments happening in Universe 21 have been told by S10Games as the game moves to version 1.0.8. With the latest update comes new on-screen alerts, key-stroke tool-tips, and a combat revamp, all of which are showcased in screen-captures. Power is now gained by executing attacks and is used to charge up special destructive abilities. Settlements and zones on the planets are being established and built, and space ships can be recalled if you happen to drift too far away.

Phat T is back and bringing upgrades to The Phantom of the Future. The login screen now features three save-slots, with a wider screen resolution. Also included with his update log are screenshots of the skill trees for the three in-game classes, and the many skills each has.

X-ShinraTensei-X talks in twists and turns about the player's ability to affect the world in Kingdoms of Seven. He hints at the importance of ruling in the role-playing game, and the end result of a poor defense, all along the supply chain.

The School District is looking to pass their first test (that is, an Alpha test) during the first week of April! Character Attributes have been finalized, and hairstyles have been done-up. Boxing games are now ranked, and boundaries have been established to keep students from wandering away.

Following through on their planned changes to Role Playing points and their modifiers, Spires of Agartha no longer uses fractional point gains or certain modifiers. However, Activity points will now see bonuses, and young characters see slower rates of recovery. Several spells and skills have seen modifications as well.

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I'm pretty sure the BYOND IRC is completely defunct, to the point that the server which hosted the IRC channel isn't even operable anymore.
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Indeed you are correct. I've dropped the IRC channel from the listing.
Glad to hear about Dream Maker getting some love! Peeps love their dark themes!

*Cue Imperial March*
Thanks again for another mention! :O I actually just updated Lego Stats with experience and attribute points.
CHEERS for the Dark Theme on Dream Maker!!
im a ss13 player
I would be surprised if anyone played games other than ss13 on this engine.
This engine should try to evolve around improving ss13 quality of life and performance, since 98% of it's use and player base is actually SS:13.
This engine should try to evolve around improving ss13 quality of life and performance, since 98% of it's use and player base is actually SS:13.

SS13 should try to evolve around improving BYOND's quality of life as well, since 100% of its players is actually BYOND clients
BYOND is flat, change my mind.
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Kozuma3 wrote:
BYOND is flat, change my mind.

It has members all around the globe however.