Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
New Ghost Skills
  • Ghastly Strike - Sword skill. Attack your opponent with a quick sword strike, then fake a follow-up. Deals Slash physical damage to the target. If you have inflicted Fear on them, they may try to protect themself from the fake hit, having a chance to inflict Guard LV 1 on them. The overall success rate is increased by the LV of your Claret Call the target has (if any).
  • Cut Down - Axe skill. Two quick swings from your axe. The first swing applies Claret Call, and the second swing consumes it, deals damage, and inflicts Cut Down LV X (X = half of Claret Call's level) for 3 rounds. Cut Down reduces the target's Phys and Magic Defense by LV%.
  • Blood Spike - Spell. Costs 5% of your maximum HP. Targets a 2 Range circle up to 3 Range away. All enemies in that circle take Ice and Water magic damage (split evenly) and have Claret Call applied to them twice. The range of the spell is increased based on your Rising Game level. Sword and Axe weapons are valid casting tools.

Ghost Reworks
  • Ether Invitation - 2 round cooldown. Always costs 4M. Effect changed; An invitation to the underworld. Targets an enemy within 1 Range and pulls all Claret Calls on all enemies to them, stacking them together. Afterwards, you perform a basic attack on the target, which deals bonus damage equal to 20% of your missing HP. If it hits, and they are marked with Claret Call, the Claret Call explodes in the wound, consuming it and making them Unmarkable for 2 rounds, but giving them Cursed Wound LV X (X = damage dealt by the attack).
  • Sanguine Star - SWA ratio changed to 100% + 15% per Rank. FP cost changed to 13 + 2 per Rank.
  • Reaper Scythe - SWA ratio changed to 100% + 20% per Rank. FP cost changed to 24 + 2 per Rank. 1 round cooldown. Pattern changed. Effect changed; Axe skill. A deadly blade that cannot be protected against. Deals Slash magic damage to all enemies in a crescent pattern. If any of those enemies are marked by Claret Call, they can be guard broken, but become Unmarkable until your next turn.
  • Haunting - Max rank changed to 3. Range now equal to 4 + Rank. FP cost changed to 15 - 4 per Rank. AI should no longer use it when already in range of an enemy.
  • Rebound - Max rank changed to 3. 5 round cooldown. Effect changed; Draw back and consumes all of your Claret Calls on all enemies, which sap HP and FP from those enemies equal to their LV, restoring your HP and FP for each (HP recovery per is increased by X% of your Scaled RES). Having this skill equipped will also cause Rising Game to passively increase RES.
  • Wraithguard - Max rank changed to 3. 5 round cooldown. Effect changed; Creates a ghostly spirit that is tied to you at a target location within 3 Range. When you take damage, it is reduced by 30% and that reduction is subtracted from the Wraith's HP instead. The Wraith can still take damage normally and gets no turn, so try to keep it away from the action. (HP is equal to Rank * 100).
  • Painproof - Max rank changed to 3. Effect changed; Costs 10% of your maximum HP to use. Cause damage to yourself in order to lessen the pain you feel from enemies, granting X% Physical and Magical Defense until your next turn versus targets marked by your Claret Call. (X = 30% + 10% per Rank).
  • Red Rain - 3 round cooldown. Effect changed; Costs 5% of your maximum HP. Creates a localized rainstorm of blood at a target location up to 5 Range away. When created, and at the start of every round, enemies in the rainstorm have Claret Call applied to them. At the start of a new round, if no enemies are in the area of effect, the rainstorm will creep towards the nearest enemy.

    The rainstorm lasts for 2+Rank rounds, but can be dissipated by certain effects.
  • Gravestone - Earth ATK ratio changed to 100% + 25% per Rank. FP cost changed to 20 - 2 per Rank. Effect changed; Creates up to one impassable but attackable Gravestone at target location for 3 rounds. Enemies in that tile take Earth magic damage and are knocked airborne. Enemies within 3 Range of a Gravestone take double bonus damage from Claret Call, and Wraiths within 3 Range of a Gravestone take no damage from enemies.
  • Dark Imbue - Dark damage changed to Dark ATK 10*Rank%.
  • Ghostwind - Name changed to Scarlet Twister. Effect changed; Costs 10% of your maximum HP. Targets a 2 Range circle up to 3 Range away. All enemies in those tiles are pulled 2 tiles towards the center, and then all enemies in the circle take Water and Wind damage (split evenly). Claret Call is applied to all enemies; enemies within 2 Range of the center have it applied twice. The circle size and pull effect strength are increased based on your Rising Game level. Sword and Axe weapons are valid casting tools.
  • Claret Call - Max rank changed to 1. Effect changed; A red mark that increases pain. When Claret Call is applied to an enemy, it gives them or powers up a status by LV X (X = 2 + 1 per Rising Game level) that lasts for 3 rounds. Claret Call boosts the damage of non-Gun basic attacks, as well as the damage of Ghost skills. Claret Call is applied by dealing physical damage to an enemy, or by various Ghost skill effects.
  • Fitting Form - Max rank changed to 1. Effect changed; Ghosts, as in the spectres, do not typically carry a lot of weight in their appearance, so it is only fitting when Ghost duelists follow suit. Increases the base LV of Claret Call applications for each weapon and torso you have that is 5 Weight or less.

Ghost Skill Animations
Added new animations for the following Ghost skills. (Some were added in the initial release.)
  • Ether Invitation
  • Reaper Scythe
  • Red Rain
  • Rebound
  • Sanguine Star

New Traits
  • Smasher; 20 Strength. You're great at destroying things, whether you mean to or not. Doubles damage to field objects which can be attacked, and slightly increases the success rate of bashing doors open.
  • Mask of Metal; You are shielded in a veil of metallic mystery. While you have a Helmet accessory and a Heavy Armor torso equipped, enemies will not be able to see your HP, FP, and so on. Non-PC enemies will not be able to determine your race for special effects, either.
  • Escape Artist; 15 Celerity. Slippery is a good way to describe you. Grants +10% success rate when attempting to Flee, and lowers the success rate of enemies trying to grapple you by 15%.

Snakemen & Items
  • Snakemen can now spawn in random dungeons. Feathered Serpent can appear as the boss of a grey cavern variant.
  • Added 4 new 10* items (3 accessories, 1 tome).
  • Added a new boss enchantment. (Miragewalk - Grants 25 Evade for 1 attack, 3 rounds after using a movement skill (including Move).

Class Changes
Black Knight
  • Steel Mind - Now removes Sakki, Kenki, and Touki.

  • Fleeing Spectres - Void Refraction no longer works with this skill.

Void Assassin
  • Fray - Void Energy gained from frayed projectiles changed to Rank (from 50% of Fray bolt damage).
  • Black Bolt - Now has a 1 round cooldown.

  • Phys and Magic Defense - Positive bonuses now stack multiplicatively, reducing effectiveness of many boosts to these stats.
  • Shotguns have received a new attack animation.
  • Simpler Second Target setting added; this lets you progress through skills with secondary targeting by using accept/cancel. On by default.
  • Frost Tyrants can no longer be recruited as monster companions.